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Frequent questions



Tienes dudas, interrogantes sobre cómo realizar tus trámites de licencia y sobre la documentación que debe presentar, acá te respondemos algunas preguntas frecuentes:

The license control number is the number that appears on your current license. You can find it here, as shown in the image.

The certificate number, or driving school certificate number, is the number that appears on the certificate printed by the driving school. This applies to First Time License procedures and Extension of License Categories.

In order to generate your appointment, you must meet all the requirements defined to carry out the procedure. You can see the requirements for each procedure on our website, Driver’s License section.

If you have an appointment, and you want to change the branch, you must cancel the current appointment and generate a new one.

For other payments, check this other guide:
https://www.tel ered.com.pa/sistemaclave/personas/#flipbook-df_11587/1/

In the case of pending payment bills, we suggest that you review your history on the following page: https ://www.licencia.com.pa/ . You can pay bills within our procedures portal or through an ATM. Since you have a bill pending payment and it does not appear in your history that you wish to pay it, you must go to an ATTT office so that they can proceed to capture it.

You can provide either of the two, a cell phone number or a home or office landline number.

To request a duplicate due to loss or misplacement of a license, fill out the following form:  https://www.licencia.com.pa/

You will be able to make your appointment only through the portal https://www.licencia.com.pa/ by following the steps required in the form.

You can access our tutorial videos on how to make an appointment at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF3HzJivyg53caMkQ4SI8TQ

Before making your appointment, you can check the requirements at the following link www.sertracen.com.pa/licencia-primera- once and make your appointment through the following link https://www.licencia .com.pa/

You can check your tickets on our website, by clicking on the top right “Check your driving history and pending violations” http://www.licencia.com.pa/historial/historial.jsf

It may be that you have some problems, since the hearing test puts you on headphones so that you can identify sounds, the sounds change from the left and right side, it is necessary to pass this test to obtain your license.

If retirees have their special line, they are served as a priority.

Yes, you will receive an email with all the details of your appointment.

You can see the requirements at the following address:
To request a duplicate due to loss or misplacement of a license, fill out the following form: https://www. sertracen.com.pa/tramite-para-duplicado-en-linea/

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