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Corporate Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims for a positive impact across various areas. Grupo Corporativo GSI SERTRACEN establishes the following objectives:

Develop projects that involve aligning and incorporating the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility to our employees, fostering the generation of social, environmental, and professional development value.
Assume the commitment to future generations by strengthening an environmental culture through the proper management of our resources.
Maintain and strengthen positive, transparent, and relevant relationships with stakeholders that promote a mutually beneficial relationship between Grupo Corporativo GSI SERTRACEN and society.
Strengthen the commitment of each member of Grupo Corporativo GSI SERTRACEN to socially responsible behaviors through the daily exercise of their functions, promoting a dignified life.

Sertracen supports Fanlyc's 2023 Relay for Life Walk.



Responsibility to Workers

CSR Grupo Corporativo GSI SERTRACEN seeks to reconcile work and family, promoting a dignified, safe, and healthy work environment; adopting standards and procedures in occupational health and occupational risk prevention, avoiding any type of discriminatory, intimidating, or violent behavior in any of its manifestations, and providing courses and activities for personal and professional development.

Responsibility towards the environment

CSR Grupo Corporativo GSI SERTRACEN is committed to:
  1. Respecting our environment by making rational use of natural resources.
  1. Taking action against pollution that may be harmful to the environment based on our daily operations.
  1. Adopting recycling habits.
  1. Implementing continuous improvement guidelines to make the most of our resources.

Responsibility to the community

The companies within Grupo Corporativo GSI SERTRACEN operate within a social and community environment that can benefit from their activity. If organizations contribute to providing benefits to the communities in which they operate, the company also benefits: its public image improves, its prestige increases, and its social environment becomes a strong ally in community outreach.


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